Assets & property management
You manage, You perform

A.I. to boost your real estate performance and value.
Improve the comfort level of
your real estate
    dnergy® delivers a comfortable workspace environment for your tenants and minimises comfort complaints
Increase your property value
with minimal CapEx
    dnergy increases the value of your property with little to no CapEx by saving money for your tenants and reducing the charges on your buildings. Energy cost savings far outweigh dnergy fees.
Attract top-level tenants

    dnergy not only lowers energy bills and CO2 emissions but also provides you with clear reporting to support you in signing top-level tenants with ambitious CSR targets.

Every building needs a dnergy-like solution.
Here's why.

The perfect storm in commercial real estate requires a dnergy-like solution to act on CO2.
Here are the forces at work in the built environment:

Comfort is crucial
Real Estate accounts for 38% of global CO2 emissions
The sector is off-track in its CO2 emission targets 
CAPEX-intensive alternatives take time and have lousy ROI

New legislation imposes act fast

E(SG) forces tenants and investors to act on energy efficiency
Our results

Customer's cases studies

Discover our customer's Carbon Reduction Plans and how they reduced their building energy consumption without sacrificing users' comfort.


by reducing your CO2 and energy cost without effort.