How can HVAC energy consumption within CRE be improved?

11.04.24 02:54 PM By dnergy

Discover 10 Essential Asset Management Insights with Khadija Nadi, Stephane Jans, and Dénes Honus from dnergy® in this short video series.

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What is it that you'd like all real estate professionals to know?

“Well, there are several places where you can act. It's at the moment of the construction of the building, and you determine the lot by the choice of materials, by insulation, by the location of the building. Then there is the the design of the HVAC. What the heating ventilation, the air conditioning tool you put there, because that will try to compensate the weather effects on your building. And then you have the operations and the steering of HVAC. It's a bit like you have a race car, lots of things are already embodied in the body of the car and the aerodynamics of it. Then you have the engine. But of course, the driver makes a lot of difference. And so that's why in steering, there's a lot of things to do.”

Stephane Jans
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer

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