Embracing Change with a Dash of Energy: DeltaQ Becomes dnergy®!

15.03.24 08:38 AM By dnergy

Hey there, energy and CO2 reduction enthusiasts! 👋
We're excited to share some news: DeltaQ is now dnergy®! 🎉
Why the change? Well, we've decided to add a sprinkle of clarity to the complex world of commercial real estate. Picture this: a vibrant mix of data analytics, AI, and a whole lot of 'nergy' (you know, from energy) to decarbonize your portfolios.
So, what's with the 'd' in dnergy? It's not just a letter; it's a nod to DeltaQ's legacy. We're the same committed team with the same mission to make energy efficiency and carbon reduction as easy as possible. 
At the heart of dnergy is our commitment to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions across your building portfolios. How? We leverage data, advanced analytics, and AI, complemented by our experts.
Excited about the change? Got questions? Download our Media Kit or contact our communication and PR manager at communication@dnergy.com. We're all ears!
Thanks for being part of our journey. 
Marieke De Groot
Communication & PR Manager
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