What should every asset manager in CRE know about starting to reduce energy and CO2 in their portfolios?

30.05.24 04:30 PM By dnergy

Discover 10 Essential Asset Management Insights with Khadija Nadi, Stephane Jans, and Dénes Honus from dnergy® in this short video series.

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What is it that you'd like all real estate professionals to know?

“...if we think about reducing energy or CO2 in buildings, then it always starts with understanding your building, understand your building with data, with going onsite, understanding the complexity of buildings. Once you understand the building, you can basically start planning. You can have a carbon or energy reduction plan specifically for your building. And once you have that plan, you need to start acting very fast with technology supported by services.”

Khadija Nadi
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

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